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DVD Commentary for savagestime

2.12.1 F words (tbs)

There was a list of 26 words for this prompt:

A. Fearless
B. Fantasia
C. Flying
D. Fire
E. Flirt
F. Flatulence
G. Foolish
H. Felony
I. Finite
J. Forward
K. Fae
L. Flamingo
M. Frog
N. Fudge
O. Freak
P. Filter
Q. Ferry
R. Frank
S. Fork
T. Fate
U. Flip
V. Foreboding
W. Funny
X. Fantastic
Y. Fan
Z. Ford

There will be special recognition for anyone who can use all 26 ‘F’ words in a single fic post.

I figured I was up to the challenge. I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I do know that once I got into the rhythm, I started using other F words as well

The Doctor had been surprised when Sarah decided that she'd rather make fudge N - I think the fudge was the start of this story. and watch Fantasia B - Yay, Disney. than visit the planet Flamingo L - Watch me cheat by naming a planet with one of the words. to see Fae K and her Fearless A Flying C Frogs M - and then a circus type act. ;), but he'd offered her the choice and felt he had to go along with it. Not that he was horribly put out; he'd been a fan Z - the Disney reference led to the fan reference. of the Disney films for a very long time.

He did feel a sense of foreboding V - Sarah traditionally isn't a good cook. when she handed him a fork S - obvious to stir the fudge with while she went to find the film. He'd been foolish G - also obvious to think she would cook, after the last time, when the freak O - yay, adjective fire D - the obvious thing to go wrong in a kitchen had burned Ford Z - Random Hitchhiker's Guide reference is convenient. Prefect's eyebrows off and the resulting food had caused a week's worth of flatulence F - Also food related. in all who had eaten it. Ford had thankfully, dropped all the charges. He hadn't relished the idea of defending Sarah from a food felony H - Criminal charges would be expected under the circumstances. . As it was, they had to take the first ferry Q - They did have to get away from there somehow. out of town. It was funny W - too easy in retrospect, but as fearless A - Good adjective for the Doctor as he normally was, he had resolved to keep her out of the kitchen in the future.

Funny, how he had forgotten that when he agreed to the idea of making fudge. Possibly because she was being such a flirt E - I think I knew where this was headed too. about it. Still there were only a finite I - adjectives are easy number of ways that fudge could go wrong,and he'd handed her each ingredient as needed. Now he could only trust to fate T - Well, it was out of his hands. that she hadn't wrecked it.

He moved forward J - Another easy one. to pour the unset fudge into the greased pan that he had prepared. To be frank R - Idioms are love., this was likely to be a pleasant evening. He put the tray in the fridge, and went off to find Sarah. As he walked down the corridor, he heard her singing in the theatre, so he went in. She had changed her clothes and was wearing a short dress, about as flimsy as a coffee filter P - Not the description I would normally have chosen, but it gets the idea across. and as she moved to put the DVD in the player, she made a little flip U - It's very clear where this is headed now. of her skirt that confirmed that she was wearing nothing underneath.

He grinned and stopped worrying. Even if the fudge didn't turn out well, this was going to be a fantastic X - Another easy one. evening.

It was very convenient for me that Brits call them "films" instead of "movies" and I nearly had her in a frock, but that was a little absurd.
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